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We are Htrefractory

Dalian Joway Minerals Limited founded in 2000. It is located in the most importantseaports in the northeast of China. Our company is a professionalengaged in the iron and steel metallurgy refractories production and sales ofintegrated business entities, the company enjoys independent foreign tradeimport and export qualifications.

We can supply the products mainlyincluding, Refractory materials: Flake Graphite,
Brown FusedAlumina,Black Silicon Carbide, Calcined Bauxite, Tabular Alumina, Kyanite, SiliconMetal Powder, Pitch Flour, Boron Carbide, Ferro Silicon Nitride, CalcinedKaolin, Reactive Alumina. Refractory products: Magnesium Carbon Brick andAluminum Magnesium Carbon Brick, Magnesite Brick, Magnesite Chrome Brick, HighAlumina Brick, Clay Brick, Pyrophyllite Brick, Graphite Electrode etc. Variouskinds of refractories are widely used in metallurgy, nonferrous metals,glass,ceramics, cement, petrochemical industries.




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